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Not just hope, I believe that it will come for me. And for you.
November 4, 2015, 11:23 am
Filed under: I Wrote This For You
I think I’m starting to get to a place really, or I guess maybe I’m just seeing more progress in being able to live with myself when life isn’t exactly how I want it to be. Going to bed and knowing that life is a long game and not a sprint. Having that vision and perspective to be excited about what can come from hard work and trying new things, instead getting caught in why it’s not perfect right now. And that the only way to make a change sustainable in life is to put in the work. This guy at a meeting a couple weeks ago said that for him drugs and whatever else were just like a telescope that he could use to see up close the top of the mountain that he wanted to get to, and that it was a trick that let him feel like he was actually already on top of the mountain even when he was at the bottom, and the only way to actually get to the top was to actually climb the mountain.
So. I do have hope for a beautiful life for myself. And for you. Not just hope, I believe that it will come for me. And for you.
I’m sitting on some stairs outside the studio and the leaves are changed and in piles and the air is balmy and the tiniest bit humid, but in a way that feels like a soft blanket. And the clouds are that bright silver where you know the sun is just on the other side.

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