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Things I Plan To Do Soon
May 31, 2009, 4:10 pm
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  1. Join a chess-playing group around Seattle – Done, the first meetup I’m going to is next Wednesday, June 10.
  2. Play in a fantasy sports league – Coming up soon, I’m curious, never been into this sort of thing before, figure I should try it before I knock it.
  3. Drink in a random bar downtown for the night
  4. Write blogs more often
  5. Send postcards to loved ones
  6. Pay off my credit card debt (which means working more)
  7. Work at a coffee shop
  8. Oh! And create something beautiful that is not music

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

I stayed up until 8am this morning, working on finishing recallbuddy edits. I fell asleep. Woke up at noon and actually finished. I am learning to work hard first and to get done what needs to get done, on schedule. At least, I can give it my best and fullest effort, instead of just a “reasonable” amount of effort. The work you task yourself with doing deserves more than a “reasonable” amount of effort.

After finishing up, I walked to Macrina Bakery and brought Das Kapital. I always come back to this book. So simple, it sets up opposing characters to embody their respective extremes of ideology. The two main characters are such extreme caricatures used to illustrate a point that you don’t hold it against the author, he knows he’s not being subtle.

“I want you to be the one to see me for all the stupid shit I’ve done.” (Blind Pilot lyrics playing in the background as I write)

The girl at Macrina Bakery is a fixture in my mind, not a romantic fixture, just a curiosity, a familiar stranger. I go in there once a week maybe, and also do the same thing: bring a book, eat a sour baguette with butter and jam, apply butter and jam in succession the exact same way each time. Four quarters of a loaf, halved twice. Half a butter packet and half a container of jam on each one. Butter first, jam second. I wonder if familiar strangers like her notice that pattern. I wonder if I am a familiar stranger to her. Such a strange thing to encounter people on a regular basis, but not be outgoing enough to acknowledge it. Maybe I will one time.

My high school math teacher went to Pick Up Stix for lunch on Friday every Friday for the two years I had him as a teacher (I assume). I imagine that if I went there on any given Friday still to this day that he would be there. I’m sure he just ordered “the regular.”

I work in my apartment a lot. It’s good to get out. It’s nice in the apartment, because I can go out to the patio, which overlooks Puget Sound, but it’s imperative every once in awhile to not think about duties, time, how long your travel will take (traveling by car does this to you, makes you feel in control and not able to let what will be be), and/or where you need to be.

Every intentional interaction I have with a person is an investment in that person. Every personal vulnerability is exchanged for a promise to keep it safe.

Coffee cup sizes: reflective of consumerist attitudes?
May 7, 2009, 7:57 pm
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On my last trip back home to visit my family, I was struck by a arguably minor difference between the coffee shops I frequent in Seattle and those where I grew up, in Southern California.

Cup sizes.

Southern California coffee shops, from what I can tell, don’t offer a “Small” size. The Starbucks up the street from my parents house offers Tall (12 oz.), Grande (16 oz.), and Veinte (20 oz.) coffee drinks.

Seattle coffee shops all offer Small (8 oz.) coffee drinks as well (most don’t even carry the 20 oz. either). I’m not sure whether to use this to support the Southern Californians-like-everything-bigger stereotype.

Which is normal in the rest of the country? What does this distinction say about the respective cultures?

I guess what’s most interesting to me is that it was a conscious decision on the part of Starbucks to offer the Small size in the Northwest and not Southern California. I’d be interested in how research backed up that decision.